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VR Sample Room Encyclopedia

How to make the VR sample room? The production process of VR template.

VR model between production processes, how about VR is between example, recently often see similar questions, in order to help you faster understanding of the VR model between production steps, small make up to sort out a VR model between production steps detailed article, hope can help to everybody.

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VR sample room profile, what is the VR model room?

VR model room refers to the combination of VR technology and real estate marketing needs. The proportion of solid example room according to the design and production, buyers only with VR eyes can enter as a "real example room" VR between example, design and replaced sofa, wallpaper, and a series of interactive action of the tap. In addition, VR between example not only confined to the interior, also applies to the village location and urban planning, to experience in mobile and roaming within the project, explore the village form a complete set of outdoor landscape and city overall layout.

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The production time of VR sample, the production cycle, and the senior VR model designers to answer.

VR model between the production cycle is long, often VR model between production company recommended minimum two weeks, two weeks, of course, is not absolute, should more project specific situation to decide, below small make up to sort out some of the VR model between production schedule roughly, hope to be of help

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The advantage of VR model, what is the characteristic of VR model?

With the development of the technology of VR model, a new solution is provided for the limitation of traditional samples. The advantages of VR model are obvious: lower cost, more complete display, closer to real, not wasteful, more avant-garde, in the showroom display, with 10% cost, 100% of the work done.

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VR sample room equipment recommendation, VR sample room equipment requirements.

With the development of VR technology,VR virtual reality technology has been applied to all aspects of our life. The VR model room is also followed, and the VR model is instantly recognized by its ultra-real immersive experience, which brings new experiences to both consumers and developers. So what kind of equipment does the VR model need? Let me introduce you.

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