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How to make the VR sample room? The production process of VR template.

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  VR model between production processes, how about VR is between example, recently often see similar questions, in order to help you faster understanding of the VR model between production steps, small make up to sort out a VR model between production steps detailed article, hope can help to everybody.


  The production step of VR template.

  1. Data collection and reorganization.

  In the production process of the VR model room, the first step of the project data collection and sorting is very important, the production of the VR model room cannot be separated from this part of information. If the information is incomplete and disorganized, it is very likely that the development and production progress of the project will be affected. The required information is mainly the cad and final rendering of the model room.

  2. Modeling and optimization

  According to the project CAD model building project scene, after completing scenario, to build the model optimization scenario: excess number deleted, to break up two sets of UV to the end of the model part of the work here

  3. UE visual production

  ① Light processing

  The lighting process is more to show the lighting effect and the atmosphere of the scene. There are no fixed parameters for this process, and many times it needs to be handled according to the actual situation. The key is to understand the lighting. Because the existing software cannot simulate the natural light source, the light should be based on reality and simulate reality.

  ② Texture rendering

  When the light is finished, come to the material part. Because of UE's rendering mechanism, we can change the material arbitrarily without re-rendering, so this link pays more attention to the personal understanding of the material by the engineer.

  ③ Volume processing

  After the lighting and material processing, the UE visual part is only late. Through the post-processing volume of UE, we can change the contrast, color temperature, saturation and so on for the picture.

  4. Program interactive processing

  After the vision is done, according to the previous planning program, the program will deal with the program, object collision, interactive interactive system, such as the movement of the characters, switch pad, change decoration style and so on.

  5. A functional test

  Another important step before the final delivery is testing. This link's main purpose is to find bugs, such as the room material flaws, whether the object is lack of the inside of the collision process, furnishing articles appear innocent beating and other issues will need to find out in the link.

  6. High quality scenario construction.

  At the end of the test, high quality scene construction is started. This step is also the last link in VR project production. After getting the final result, we can deliver a complete project to the customer, and the project of a VR model will be finished.

  Above is small make up finishing about VR prototype production steps, hope to can help to you, want to know more about VR between example related model wikipedia for more information, please click on the VR.

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