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The production time of VR sample, the production cycle, and the senior VR model designers to answer.

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  VR model between the production cycle is long, often VR model between production company recommended minimum two weeks, two weeks, of course, is not absolute, should more project specific situation to decide, below small make up to sort out some of the VR model between production schedule roughly, hope to be of help (the VR model between the production schedule in order to "three rooms one hall" as an example, for your reference only) :


  VR model building time arrangement, how much time will be required to make VR samples.

  1. Production time of VR model room model.

  3d modeling is usually adopted 3 on3dmax, because modeling of 3 DMX high efficiency in building, basic model structures, such as no special requirements, the model for half a day before completion, after completion of the model with the audit of party a, after confirmed, the model import uv ue4, optimization, to the end of the model stage here, and modify the process time in a day


  2. The time of visual production between VR templates.

  Ue vision is mainly made of material light setting, and it is required by party a to set up the wall and furniture materials, which will take 1 day.


  3. The design time of the program interaction between VR templates.

  The interactive design of the program after the visual end of the VR model, including the replacement of the material and the ability to interact with the switch, including the Yangtze river test and the construction of the packaging, will take about 1 day.


  VR model between production customer communication time, examination, the modification time of the project, can affect VR model between production cycle so general VR model between production company will advise the minimum three days.

  The introduction of the production cycle of the above VR samples is related to the VR production process. We need to know the production process to refer to the production process of VR samples.

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