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VR sample room profile, what is the VR model room?

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  VR sample room profile, what is the VR model room?

  VR model room refers to the combination of VR technology and real estate marketing needs. The proportion of solid example room according to the design and production, buyers only with VR eyes can enter as a "real example room" VR between example, design and replaced sofa, wallpaper, and a series of interactive action of the tap. In addition, VR between example not only confined to the interior, also applies to the village location and urban planning, to experience in mobile and roaming within the project, explore the village form a complete set of outdoor landscape and city overall layout.


  Technical analysis of VR samples.

  VR between example, like virtual reality is a combination of various techniques, including real-time 3 d computer graphics, a wide-angle vision (wide) stereo display technology, head, eyes and hands to observer of tracking technology, as well as the sense of touch force sensing/feedback, stereo, network transmission, such as speech input and output technology. These technologies are described separately.


  3d computer graphics of VR sample.

  In contrast, it is not too difficult to produce graphic images using computer models. If there are enough accurate models and enough time, we can produce accurate images of various objects under different lighting conditions, but the key here is real-time.


  Image display between VR templates.

  People look at the world around us, because the location of the two eyes is different, have a slightly different images, the images in your head together, forming a view about the world around us as a whole, this scene includes information of distance. Of course, distance information can also be obtained by other means, such as the distance of the focal length of the eye, the comparison of the size of the object.

  In VR system, binocular stereo vision plays a big role. The user's two eyes see different images produced separately, displayed on different displays. Some system USES a single display, but after users to wear special glasses, one eye can only see the odd frames, another eye sees only the even frame, the difference between odd and even frame is the parallax is created stereo feeling.

  User (head, eye) tracking: in an artificial environment, each object has a position and posture relative to the system's coordinate system, and so does the user. What the user sees is determined by the location of the user and the direction of the head (eye).


  Tracking head movement of the virtual reality headset: in the traditional computer graphics, the change of the field is done by mouse or keyboard, the user's visual system and motion detection system is the separation, the head tracking and used to change the perspective of image, the user's visual system and motion detection system can connect, feel more realistic. Another advantage is that users can not only understand the environment through binocular stereo vision, but also can observe the environment through the movement of the head.

  Keyboard and mouse are the most commonly used tools in user interaction with the computer, but they are not suitable for three-dimensional space. Because there are six degrees of freedom in three dimensions, it's hard to find a more intuitive way of mapping the plane motion of the mouse into any motion of three dimensional space. Now, there are some devices that can provide six degrees of freedom, such as the 3Space digitizer and SpaceBall. Other devices that perform better are data gloves and data clothing.

  VR sample room sound

  The direction of the sound source can be well determined. In the horizontal direction, we determine the direction of the sound by the difference between the phase difference and the intensity of the sound, because the time or distance between the two ears is different. The common stereo effect is to listen to different sounds recorded at different locations, so there is a sense of direction. In real life, when the head turns, the direction of the sound is changed. But in VR, the direction of the sound is not related to the movement of the user's head.


  Feel feedback between VR templates.

  In VR system, users can see a virtual cup. You can try to catch it, but your hands don't really touch the cup, and it's possible to go through the "surface" of the virtual cup, which is impossible in real life. The common device for solving this problem is to install some vibrating contacts in the inner layer of the glove to simulate the touch.


  VR model room speech

  Voice input and output are also important in VR systems. This requires that the virtual environment can understand human language and interact with people in real time. It is quite difficult for the computer to recognize the human voice, because the speech signal and the natural language signal have the "multiplicity" and the complexity. Continuous speech, for example, middle term and no obvious pauses between words, the same word, the same word before and after the pronunciation of the word, word, the influence of different people not only speak the same words will be different, is the same person pronunciation will also be affected by the psychological, physiological and environmental.


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