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The advantage of VR model, what is the characteristic of VR model?

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  With the development of the technology of VR model, a new solution is provided for the limitation of traditional samples. The advantages of VR model are obvious: lower cost, more complete display, closer to real, not wasteful, more avant-garde, in the showroom display, with 10% cost, 100% of the work done.


  The collision of VR technology and real estate is a great boon to homebuyers. First of all, some platforms have launched online VR viewing rooms, so that buyers do not need to follow the house tour. At the same time, there is no space limit for viewing rooms in VR templates, even if you are in different cities and different countries, you can easily realize "remote viewing" and "cross-border viewing". Real estate sales will also be able to break through space barriers and let more people know about projects and purchase projects.


  Second, the offline interactive VR model also changes the traditional viewing experience. VR virtual model can actually restore the appearance of the physical sample, bringing incomparable real sense and present feeling. At the same time, instead of relying solely on the construction entities constructed by cement and steel, the future of the house is explored through the experience of immersive experience. The room type, the interior layout is clear, the future still can communicate with the open businessman interior decoration style and so on. At the same time, can simulate indoor 24 hours to daylighting, through the window to appreciate the scenery, feel the height of the floor, understand the surrounding facilities and so on.


  Summary of advantages of VR samples.

  1. Break the limitation of space.

  Through the VR model house, the location of real estate sales is no longer limited to the marketing center, can be in the shopping mall, can be in the airport, can be anywhere! Previously, the traditional brand output was the only one that told the customer, "I am here, I am here", but the customer is not able to experience the product. And now that customers see you wherever they are, you can experience the product right now, which is beyond the reach of traditional sales scenarios.

  2. Break the time limit.

  The cost of VR model room can be increased by 10 times compared with traditional efficiency. It only takes about 15 days to build the scene in 90 days between the traditional samples, and the cost is only one of the 10 in the solid model room. At the same time, it also greatly saves the time of customer viewing, and the user experience is better, thus improving the sales efficiency of the real estate.

  3. Quickly experience different styles of decoration design.

  VR model will provide a real-time interactive platform, allows users to pass such a panoramic view of the platform, immersive feeling after the completion of the landscape, and achieves real-time height, general layout, plan, etc.

  4. Early renewal.

  The construction of the building will take a long time, and the VR model will allow customers to see the house in advance and accumulate customers for the subsequent sales. The emergence of VR templates makes real estate marketing faster and more convenient.


  In the real estate sale, the traditional model design cost is high, has the big limitation; VR model that is completely overcomes the shortcomings, in the real estate marketing, using VR model that can let customers anytime, anywhere viewing, breakthrough marketing bottlenecks, bring customers immersive feeling, faster and more accurate to make a buying decision, greatly speed up the sales.

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