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How long will it take to make the architectural renderings?

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  Architectural renderings production cycle is long, often architectural renderings production company recommended minimum three days, three days, of course, is not absolute, below small make up to sort out some of the architectural renderings produced roughly time arrangement, hope to be of help:


  Construction effect diagram production cycle, architectural effect drawing time.

  1、Model making time

  Common modeling design CAD as reference, SketchUp, photographs, modeling, which according to CAD modeling, SketchUp is a little bit more simple, it takes about 4 to 8 hours, the time spent on relative modeling photo is a little less, and modeling photo are complicated, the time spent in revision adjustment phase much more, plus model, model making usually requires the time of day.

  2、Fixed Angle time

  Architectural renderings production companies will usually put a few more outstanding advantages, the Angle of the hook to the customer to choose, or according to the idea of customer perspective, the perspective of process need to half an hour or more than two hours.

  3、Rendering time

  In addition to the time spent on rendering the scene, lighting, and material, the rendering process may take 5-8 hours. (rendering adds: if the figure has specific requirements, the size of the need to adjust the pixel, pixels to rendering the longer, the greater the understanding effect size may refer to the size of architectural renderings)

  4、Postproduction time

  Post-production time depends on the specific project (and effort), is bigger than the bird 's-eye view and plan of work to do people view, according to the different project category post-production time need 3-6 hours to complete.

  5、At other times

  The customer's communication time, the project's deliberation, the modification time, all have the great uncertainty, so the general building effect graph company will recommend the lowest three days.


  The above introduction is related to the production process of architectural renderings. It is necessary to understand the production process and refer to the production process of architectural renderings.

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