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Architectural renderings price, architectural renderings how much money? Make quotation of architectural renderings.

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  In addition to the strength selection of the production team, and the price of the architectural renderings, these are the things that need to be paid attention to when choosing a partner. How much does it cost to make a set of architectural renderings? (because of the price of architectural renderings are mostly based on project specific workload and calm, with a detailed price, please click on online consulting) today small make up to you to introduce several kinds of factors affect the price of architectural renderings:


  The price of the architectural renderings is analyzed from the project.

  1、The Angle of the graph. Architectural rendering drawing Angle is different, the difficulty is different, so the price is also different, so the price of architectural renderings can be roughly divided into three gears, from high to low were a bird's eye view, half bird's eye view, people see!

  2、The number of the figure, a architectural renderings and the price of a set of architectural renderings are obviously different, need to emphasize here is that the same project of architectural renderings, more can apply to the architectural renderings company for some discount. (preferential here not because of volume rendering and give more preferential, but because of some model will be used for many times, is not the model of these appear repeatedly used in project work.)

  3、The size of the figure, the size of the different USES of architectural renderings need to be different, rendering company usually is 4000-8000 pixels, need higher size, architectural renderings of the price will be increased. (please click "architectural renderings" for details)

  The price of architectural renderings is analyzed from the brand.

  Brand compared commonly big architectural renderings production company will than less well-known architectural renderings of the company's price is higher, at the same time, famous brand of architectural renderings company usually has its own focus areas, and the famous brand of service and quality are certainly better than general brand. Although small architectural renderings company said a little cheaper, but the quality of the architectural renderings and later some service may not meet big brand company provided safeguard.


  The price of architectural renderings is analyzed by region.

  Every place has its own a consumption level, different areas of architectural renderings prices is surely will have corresponding change, usually large and medium-sized city architectural renderings price is in 1600 yuan - 1600 yuan between, In small cities, the price of architectural renderings is between 800 yuan and 2,000 yuan. Small make up to do the quality of architectural renderings under the contrast, the effect of the small city of architectural renderings for large urban architectural renderings, the effect of the texture on the very big difference, of course is mainly to the demand of architectural renderings, to select the appropriate partners.


  Above are some of small make up to sort out the several factors influencing the price of architectural renderings, hope to you can help, if there are omissions place hope you can leave a message, small make up to change at any time.

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