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Building renderings service process, GUDI building renderings make a specific service process!

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  In order to help new customers understand the building renderings service Xiaobian compiled a GUDI building renderings business service process, I hope everyone can help

  I、The project to discuss

  1、The project manager understands the customer demand and formulates the periodic table and the production contract according to the customer's demand.

  2、The two sides reached a consensus, signed a contract, set up a project team and started production.

  II、Project to endowment

  The project team carries out the data collection, the project manager receives and organizes the customer to provide the project CAD drawing, SketchUp model, design plan intention reference diagram and other information.


  1、The modelers made 3D models based on the data, and the model was completed and the model was announced to confirm whether the model was built incorrectly.

  2、Model rendering is done when confirmed, rendering done rendering samples, send the customer confirmed that effect, a larger xuan xuan, confirmed late on refinement, project manager audit, late to send samples, the customer confirmed the effect. (after receiving the sample, if there is any problem, please make the modification to the staff. No charge will be charged here.)

  (for the service process of the project, if you need to know the detailed production process of architectural renderings, please read the production process of architectural renderings)

  IV、Delivery of the finished product

  1、After the confirmation, the project manager will prepare the work order, send it to the customer for signature confirmation, and make the payment after confirmation, and then make a large drawing for the client after the balance is collected.

  V、On modifying

  If there is any modification after the big picture is sent, please contact the project manager at any time. The simple modification can be made free of charge, and can be modified seriously. Please refer to the quotation of architectural renderings.

  24-hour service hotline.:4000-316-116 QQ:2850181033

  Non-shanghai users can consult online or call the free hotline 4000316116 for consultation.

  The above is the service flow of the business of the valley effect map. If you have any questions, please add the comments.

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