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Valley Dynamics

GUDI get through the whole process of VR technology, occupy VR overall solution Highlands!

Virtual reality is the use of computer simulation to create a three-dimensional virtual world, providing users with visual, auditory, tactile and other senses to simulate, so that users as immersive in general, you can promptly and without limit to observe three degrees of space thing.In addition, as the user moves his or her location, the computer can instantly send accurate 3D world images back to the user through complex calculations, always producing a real sense of presence.


2017 GUDI graduates intern and welcome ceremony was successfully held!

August 8, 2017, GUDI graduates intern cum welcome ceremony was successfully held,Ms. GUDI Ge chaired the ceremony,The ceremony included Le Yong, general manager of GUDI, Zhou Jun, deputy general manager, trainee instructors, senior staff and a number of interns.


GUDI2017 school trick is over!

Since June is the white-hot phase of GUDI school trick - campus preaching in large-scale spread across the country,The touring recruitment lecture by GUDI headquarters management staff, branch managers, business leaders and other people around to explain personally, expressed GUDI on campus students respect and attention.


2017GUDI "Visual Performance" Cup Grand Prix waiting for you to dazzle!

The "Visual Presentation" Technology Contest sponsored and sponsored by GUDI has been promoting the vigorous development of the CG industry under the new era. It encourages CG people to persist in innovation in new environment and enhances the effective integration of technological innovation and industry development.


Congratulate GUDI on moving to the West Bank Creative Park

In this breezy day,GUDI held a grand relocation ceremony at West Bank Creative Park,General Manager Mr. Le gave a speech,Thanks to all the participating designers and colleagues for their joint efforts, we will work in a spacious and brightly designed office environment to meet new challenges.