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GUDI2017 school trick is over!

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  Since June is the white-hot phase of GUDI school trick - campus preaching in large-scale spread across the country,The touring recruitment lecture by GUDI headquarters management staff, branch managers, business leaders and other people around to explain personally, expressed GUDI on campus students respect and attention.Many students from many universities have been attracted to the corresponding preaching and on-site job fairs.


  Talent has always been a core force in the development of GUDI.This year GUDI's school moves cover animation, visual communication design, new media use and many other professional directions near GUDI hope to find the most promising new employees.Valley Construction Hope graduates can bring more innovation driving force,Because neither the business environment nor the company itself is changing,Graduates with more flexibility and innovation will be able to win more markets in innovative ways in the future.If you are interested in joining the GUDI team of aspiring young people, please feel free to contact us through the following ways.

  phone:021-6380 8322 6380 8622mailbox:gudicg@126.com

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