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2017GUDI "Visual Performance" Cup Grand Prix waiting for you to dazzle!

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  The annual GUDICG hot event - "Visual Performance" Grand Prix officially kicked off today!

  The "Visual Presentation" Technology Contest sponsored and sponsored by GUDI has been promoting the vigorous development of the CG industry under the new era. It encourages CG people to persist in innovation in new environment and enhances the effective integration of technological innovation and industry development.Before the success of some technical events held, more perfect the event process:The company holds the attitude of fair and rigorous solicitation of original works, professional jury, in the exchange of technology at the same time can enhance the sense of competition and cooperation among colleagues.


  2017 summer, hotter than the weather is CG Grand fire full detonated "visual performance" technology Grand Prix! Show time, waiting for your dazzling skills!

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