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3d animation service flow, valley 3d animation production process

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The three dimensional animation by its real performance effect and infinite maneuverability, is widely used in many fields such as medicine, education, military, entertainment, and so was welcomed by many customers, so the three dimensional animation company 3 d animation of the service process is what kind of? Let me introduce to you today.

  The project to discuss

  1. The project manager understands the customer needs, determines the basic structure and style of 3d animation, and formulates the periodic table and the production contract according to the customer's requirements.

  2. The two sides reached a consensus, signed the contract, set up the project team and started the production.


  1. The project team conducts data collection, and the project manager receives and organizes the project CAD drawings, effect drawings, project text introduction and project marketing plan and other materials provided by the customer.

  2. project planning according to the project information and customer requirements, project for creative writing, provide one or two 3 d animation creative direction to the customer, the customer can put forward opinions or Suggestions, so that planning to change ideas, determined to creative solutions, the planning for a shooting script, determine of the lens.


  After the shooting script is confirmed, the project enters the production section.

  1, modeling: modelers make the 3 d model according to the data, models complete, small kind, xuan model is used to confirm the model errors, the establishment of the overall as far as possible to reflect the project points and advantages

  2, animation preview: after the completion of the basic model, first put the camera in the animation in the direction of the design and performance animation script to adjust and confirm the animation path, combined with the film and television special effects, an animation preview to customer confirmation of camera Angle.

  3. Material lighting: after the preview is confirmed, to make the whole 3d animation scene more real, make the adjustment of the material light of the whole scene, so that the color and attribute should be similar to the actual object.

  4. Render output: after the material light is confirmed, render the output of single frame of the film and adjust the confirmation.

  5. the commentary of writing and recording: according to customer design review elements and the basic structure of three-dimensional architectural animation demo piece, length of film to write commentary, and then to record (this section according to project requirements)

  6, in the late synthesis: before will do animation, sound and other material, in the late of synthesis software, join the dub, background music, etc., to the late effects, such as processing, lifelong into animation movie file.


  1. After the production is completed, the project team members shall check the samples and confirm with the customer to correct mistakes and deficiencies in the works.

  2. Once again check the output effect after the synthesis, and submit it to the customer after meeting the requirements. The customer will sign and confirm, and the payment will be made after confirmation.

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