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3d animation production process, 3d animation how to make 3d animation process introduction?

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  3d animation production process, how about the three dimensional animation production, recently often see similar questions, to help you quickly understand the three dimensional animation production steps, small make up to sort out a article about the three dimensional animation production steps in detail, the hope can help to everybody.

  How is 3d animation made?

  Three-dimensional animation should fully prepare script before planning and design, such as animation mainly, how the overall effect, which part need to be careful, the camera motion design, each time sequence control, visual effects, the overall effect of fine arts, music effect, the commentary and the combination of the footage, etc., all personnel to participate in the project must be in-depth analysis to understand the script, be familiar with the entire script in the process of project. Each person puts forward the understanding of the script and expatiates his own viewpoint. Finally unify the thought and determine the final plan.


  Introduce the steps of 3d animation.

  1、Model: modelers in accordance with the customer to provide data to establish the structure model, such as CAD floor plan layout and overall terrain, making more delicate, for secondary parts, such as project surrounding buildings, using the block model, carries on the simple production;

  2、Animation Settings: after the completion of the basic model, first put the camera in the animation in the direction of the design and performance script to adjust, confirm the Angle and the content of a film to show, only theme building environment on the spot, the first set the camera animation, after again set other objects animation;

  3、Map lights: model, after the completion of the animation for the model given is qualitative, enhance overall coordination and tonal, again through the multiple perspectives to set lighting debug, adjust the position of the light, Angle, strength, etc to make the whole scene to achieve the best effect of light feeling, make the scene is close to reality, according to the camera after the animation set direction regulation in detail;

  4、Environmental production: adjust the map and light to add the environment, including trees, characters, cars, etc., to make the whole scene more real;

  5、Rendering output: rendering different sizes and resolutions according to the production needs;

  6、Post-processing: after rendering, modify and adjust the software with the later software, such as the picture package, add subtitle, depth of field, fog, correct color, etc.

  7、Unedited output: finally, the animation of the split lens is added in order, and then the field is added, and the required format is input after editing.


  Above is small make up to sort out the information about the three dimensional animation production steps, due to the three dimensional animation is a large category, part of the category of production steps will not have much difference, if you have questions, please leave a message added small make up to change added!

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