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How long is the 3d animation cycle? Make 3d animation schedule

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  Three-dimensional animation production cycle is long, how long does it take to make a 3 d animation, 3 d animation production company to a lot of 30 to 45 days, of course, this time is not absolute, production time, depends on the specific circumstances of the project, below small make up to sort out some of the three dimensional animation roughly time, hope to be of help.

  3d animation production cycle and time arrangement.

  1. Time for 3d animation planning and creative planning.

  Most 3d animation needs to be submitted before the production of 3d animation. The 3d animation company USES the planning and creative plan to bid, and the solution is optimized after the program is selected, which takes about 2~6 working days.

  2. Edit time for 3d animation production script.

  The 3d animation production company will edit and execute the script according to the preliminary planning plan, which will take about 2~6 working days.

  3. Production time of 3d animation model.

  The 3d animation model can be produced at the same time as the planning scheme optimization stage (after signing the contract), which is about 3~10 working days.

  4. Preview time of 3d animated film.

  After the 3d animation model is confirmed, according to the execution script for the preview of the film, party a may propose modification Suggestions based on the preview effect drawing, which will take about 3~9 working days.

  5. 3d animation shot rendering time.

  The preview of the 3d animation film is completed, and the camera is rendered according to the preview path, which takes about 4~15 working days.

  6. Other time of 3d animation.

  6.1 special effects production and adjustment (1~5 working days)

  6.2 real shot sampling (1~7 working days)

  6.3 project dubbing and background music (1~5 working days)

  6.4 editing and synthesis of 3d animation (1~3 work)

  The above is the arrangement of the 3d animation production schedule. If you have any questions, please add the comments. (some of them involve the production steps of 3d animation. To understand the steps of 3d animation, click "3d animation production steps")

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