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What are the software for building animation software and building animation? Which good?

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  Can make architectural animation software has a lot of, but still have a lot of friends don't know how to choose, small make up to sorting out the software, and offers several architectural animation software, hope to set up to help.


  Building animation software, what are the building animation software?

  1. AutoCAD: design software, which is used for drawing, 2d drawing and basic 3d design, to assist 3d modeling of architectural animation.

  2. 3DMAX: 3d modeling software, set up model, material setting, lighting, scene design, animation production and film editing; Combined with CAD for full three-dimensional modeling, complex 3d model production; Common plug-ins are: VRay(rendering engine), Speedtree, Tree Storm(3d Tree modeling plug-in), Druid(Tree, grass modeling plug-in), Forest Pro(Forest plug-in), (RPC holographic model), etc.

  3. Premiere: video editing software, the system tells its application.

  4. After Effect: graphics video processing software, which is applicable to design and video special effects, tells its basic application, various special effects production process.

  5. Combustion: digital film and television post synthesis and special effects technology processing software.

  6. Maya is the world's top 3d animation software. It has powerful 3d animation production capabilities. Many advanced and complicated animation production is done by Maya. It is widely used in film and television advertisement, character animation, movie stunt and so on.

  7. Blender: it is an open source, cross-platform, all-around 3d animation production software, which offers a small number of domestic users from modeling, animation, material, rendering and audio processing. Widely used in 3d animation, architectural animation, 3d packaging design, games, etc.

  8. Lightwave: is a cost-effective 3d animation software that is extremely powerful in biological modeling and character animation. Based on the rendering module of ray tracing and light energy transfer, the rendering quality of it is perfect. Widely used in movies, TV, games, web pages, advertising, printing, animation and other fields.

  9. SOFTIMAGE 3D: extremely powerful, excellent rendering effect; It is widely used in cartoon modeling and character animation, film production, advertisement production, etc., and many domestic TV advertising companies use it to make TV titles and advertisements.

  Building animation software which good? Recommendation of building animation software.

  There are many soft rooms for building animation, which works better? We recommend several building animation software used by domestic animation companies:


  3ds Max

  Software description: 3d Max, developed by Discreet company (later merged by Autodesk), is based on 3d animation rendering and production software based on PC terminal system.

  Operating environment:

  Software size:

  Download address: click download.


  Autodesk Maya

  Autodesk Maya, or Maya, is the world's top 3d animation software produced by Autodesk in the United States. It is used for professional film and television advertising, character animation, and movie special effects. Maya has complete functions, flexible work, easy to learn and easy to use, extremely efficient in production, and extremely strong in rendering. It is a high-end production software at the film level.

  Operating environment:

  Software size:

  Download address: click download.


  Adobe After Effects

  Software introduced: Adobe After Effects is referred to as "AE" launched by the Adobe company a graphic video processing software, apply to the institution engaged in design and video Effects, including television, animation company, individual post-production studio and multimedia studio. In the construction animation production belongs to the late software.

  Operating environment:

  Software size:

  Download address: click download.

  These are the common questions about building animation software. I hope it can help you. If you have any questions, please leave a message.

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