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What are the advantages of the iPad sales? What are the benefits of sales? What are the differences with traditional sales?

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  The sales system is a new way of real estate sales, with the continuous development of the real estate industry, more and more developers are aware of the role in the sales process, sales system and to add this form to the marketing, so the sales system exactly what advantage?


  What are the advantages of the iPad sales? What are the benefits of sales?

  The sales system is a kind of interactive marketing display system, depth combined with property sales industry demand, and the functions and characteristics of the tablet, is the collection "project information integration", "building landscape panorama", "family 3 d interactive", which integrates simulation experience system that buy a house.


  The sales system contains the boot animation path roaming, background music, landscape layout, landscape, real estate display, description of project, project, electronic books, family appreciation of form a complete set, the three dimensional animation, buying guide, project pin control module; With the landscape sand table as the main body, the display forms of 3D building block, 3D room model and model room roaming are extended, and the detailed situation of the building is fully displayed. The sales system of the iPad makes the static real estate information exchange become dynamic, experiential and simple, so that consumers can experience the pleasure of information exchange.

  Compared with the traditional sales way, the Ipad sales system has obvious advantages:

  1. The sales system of the Ipad combines 360 panoramic images and 3D models to simulate the real scene, showing the rendering of the real estate and the model room in advance.

  2. The sales system demonstrate powerful functions, easy operation, fully consider the customer experience, touch function such as amplification, narrow, rotating the use of flexible, can display a variety of content, such as building location map, the vertical special perspective of processing, stereo sense is strong.

  3. Interactive panorama and 3D model rendering, together with the family map, text description, sound, etc., can truly achieve the virtual reality 3D roaming of multimedia interaction.

  4. It is a new generation of rich media and advertisement display mode, which is convenient and flexible, convenient and quick for user experience, and can be used for real time real estate sale and control.


  From the above content, believe everybody can see the sales system compared with the traditional sales mode of absolute advantage, with the continuous development of digital technology, the system can realize the function of the sales will be more and more perfect, in the real estate sales role will also be more fully.

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