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IPad sales system
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What is the iPad sales, iPad sales system and advantages?

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  With the increase of competition in real estate industry, traditional display methods such as floor plan, animation, sand table and model house are far from enough to meet the needs of consumers. The sales system is down in the tide of market demand, and mobile applications, with the tools of new mobile device, get rid of the bondage of the traditional floor space, realize from the traditional "pin" to "marketing" of a new marketing innovation solution plan.


  What is the IPAD sales system, IPAD sales system introduction?

  The sales system is to digitize sales of real estate related content, will be building overlooking the scene, night scene, peripheral, three-dimensional model and plane model, three-dimensional hardbound model family roaming and building life entertainment facility and so on omni-directional, immersion and interactivity to show buyers.


  The IPad sales system goes beyond the traditional sandbox, and displays the new concept of developers' sales in all aspects, and continuously improves the viewing experience. System integration include project propaganda video (logo) interpretation (location, transport, supporting), project planning, architectural show (architecture, landscape planning, project panorama), door model display (family plan, 360 ° rotating electronic model, decoration diagram), show (720 ° 3 d version of real or virtual 3 d example room), enterprise strength (brand), property, etc., can also according to the project specific situation to establish the mortgage calculator, pin control management system, etc.

  Advantages of the Ipad sales system:

  1、the sales system fully consider the customer experience, touch function such as amplification, narrow, rotating the use of flexible, can display a variety of content, such as building location map, the vertical free choice model to check the related information, to people of viewpoints into the free walk between example;

  2、Interactive panorama and 3D model rendering, together with the family map, text description, sound, etc., can truly achieve the virtual reality 3D roaming of multimedia interaction.

  3、The pioneer of fashion trend, directly improves the sales of the first impression of the sale of the real estate, easy to carry, the first time to the customers to explain the real estate information.


  The user experience of the Ipad sales system is convenient and fast. The screen is formed by 3D special effects and real-time interactive interaction, and the display effect is vivid. Support for the ipad tablet and other smart mobile devices has become the most glamorous new generation of rich media and advertising.

  To get a general idea of what the Ipad sales system is, you can read "how to make the Ipad sales system" if you want to know how to make the Ipad sales system.

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