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What are the display items in the digital exhibition hall? What are the types of digital exhibition halls? Applications to devices?

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  The digital display technology is used in the urban planning exhibition hall, which can vividly reproduce the historical changes of the city and present the blueprint of the future. At the same time combined with interactive technology such as leading science and technology make the pavilion with futuristic sense of science and technology, and give full play to initiative, visitors achieve good participation and interaction, finally let visitors to the urban construction and urban image form a comprehensive and profound understanding. So what are the display devices that support the digital exhibition hall? Let me introduce you.


  Digital exhibition hall displays display items and equipment.

  The interactive system:Interactive capabilities are a function of favorite, buyers can click through the fingers, can learn all information relating to the building, at the same time, in the process of understanding information also added interest. The interactive system can store a lot of information about the building and animation video, which solves the storage problem of real estate development data.

  Interactive projection:The system mainly has ground interaction projection, wall interactive projection, interactive window projection, etc. Interactive projection is a new way of presentation, which can bring a brand new interactive experience to the participants. The interactive projection can not only attract people to the digital exhibition hall, but also bring interesting appreciation to the visitors, and greatly enhance the overall image.

  Holographic projection:Holographic projection technology is also known as virtual imaging technology, which USES interference and diffraction principles to record and reproduce the records and representations of real three-dimensional images of objects. The display of hologram is illuminated by the light source in the hologram, the frequency and transmission direction of the light source is exactly the same as the reference beam, and the stereo image of the object can be reproduced. From different angles, the viewer can see multiple sides of the object, but it can't be seen, because only the image is recorded.

  Annulus projection:Exhibition hall on the wall of the annulus with figures, with computer equipment and software is made broadcast content, using the method of projection projected on the wall, let visitors are devoting themselves to their every exquisite paintings, combined with three-dimensional surround sound, ultra wide Angle of view, the visitors are fully contained in it, let the participants feel like in the mirror in the experience the real picture.


  Virtual reality:Technology is the scene of virtual reality. Can virtual display after completion of the building shape, also can simulate the real life of the environment, let the customer completely into a virtual reality simulation scenario, after can clearly feel living in a virtual environment in what kind of scene, at the same time also can be in different time, different season of environment. Besides, it can also simulate the decoration design of various kinds of houses, so that customers can feel it and choose the interior decoration effect they like.


  multi-touch:Multi-touch, also known as multi-touch, can be understood as a multi-screen operation that allows users to input multiple locations simultaneously on the screen. The multi-touch system can sense how fast and how fast the fingers are moving (and how much of the touch points are used to achieve them), making the operating system more user-friendly. It satisfies the need to help people inquire and interact in a public place without a computer.


  Electronic sand table:Is divided into two kinds, one kind is entity model combined with the virtual 3 d animation display, the display effect can let entity sand move, through the three dimensional animation projection equipment precise projection to entities on the sand, make the whole process much more vivid and visit a is a virtual 3 d projection and display content can be projected to where it is needed to show.

  Digital sand table:Although the digital sand table is based on the traditional sand table, it is different from the digital sand table which can store a large amount of information and can interact with the visitors fully. The content of the display is not only rich but also more concise. No matter the size of the model of sand disk, the digital sand table can display the content incisively and vividly.


  Virtual pages:In recent years, there have been many occasions, among which the digital exhibition hall is the most widely used. Virtual flip books, like real books, are visually accessible to visitors. Virtual books real sound and clear image of the picture can give the visitors visual enjoyment, virtual pages can also have a guiding role, let visitors in the exhibition hall visit process bring many convenient.


  3 d cinema:3 d cinema is through the use of two sets of equipment to refraction image projector, a projection of the left eye image, another project an image of a right, the left and right eye image projected on the screen at the same time, by wearing 3 d glasses to let people see the stereoscopic image. Because of the good visual effect, 3D cinema can make visitors more immersive and experience, and can better integrate into the virtual image. The technology has been heavily used in museums, planning galleries and small cinemas.


  PC interactive machine:As the hardware of the interactive system display, the purpose of information display through the application system is low cost, easy to use, and considerable advantages.


  Electronic signature desk:Instead of traditional check-in, visitors can sign on the touch screen with a virtual pen or finger.


  What is the digital exhibition hall equipment? These are the equipment and display items of the digital exhibition hall. I hope it can help you.

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