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  Building 3D model division Job responsibilities:

  1. Understand and analyze the information provided by the customer, and communicate with the designer;

  2. Responsible for the production of three-dimensional architectural model and landscape model;

  3. Cooperate with department manager to carry out daily work.

  Requirements for building 3D model:

  1. College degree or above; Teamwork spirit and executive force;

  2. Proficient in CAD, 3DMAX, SKP and PHOTOSHOP;

  3. Able to accurately study and understand design drawings and designer's design concepts;

  4. Please attach personal works to the applicant.

  Company Profile

  Shanghai GUDI Building Performance Design and Consulting Co., Ltd. is a specialized provider in comprehensive digital visual services. Since its founding in 2009, it has been engaged in production of film and television & animation products and building impression drawings, digital media, etc. and has been devoted to the professional and high-quality classical digital production and technical service of building impression drawings, 3D animation, digital galleries, electronic sand tables, holographic projection, virtual reality (VR/AR), etc.

  Contact information:

  Telephone: +86-21-63808322